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Electronic display for linear measurement, battery-operated

The Electronic Simplex is a dimension display for the measure of linear shifting that combines in the same case the magnetic position transducer, the display and the battery supply. The display-unit runs on an aluminum bar in which is seated a magnetic band.

The display-unit running on the bar measures the real shifting carried out, removing clearances and misalignments.

The LCD-display has 6 digits plus sign (range from -999999 to 999999); the digit height is 10mm that allows a very good readability also by distances.

With 3 frontal keys is possible to adapt the value that has be showed for a given shifting and switch on the functions of reset/preset of quota, absolute/relative quota and conversion mm/Inch.

Battery-operated with 2 batteries 1.5V,  1-year-life with low-battery indicator,  which simplify the assembling avoiding the laying of cables. 

There are also available 3 distinct origins for the correction of quota by using different tools and the offset function for the balancing of tool wear. 

The display can be rotated at 90° for a parallel or orthogonal view to the measure bar.

The easy assembling and the measure accuracy make the SIMPLEX-E suitable for a large number of applications within industry machinery (packaging, wood-, aluminum-, sheet-working, silk-screen printing. etc.).

• Available version with serial output RS485, with MODBUS-RTU protocol, and power supply 24Vdc, and inner rechargeable battery (5 months functioning without power supply) for connection with remote units.