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 Axis positioning unit SERVO.M

The positioning unit SERVO.M consist of a geared motor in direct current with microprocessor control of the driving gear and of an incremental position transducer (encoder) or absolute (precision potentiometer) assembled on the output shaft with interface for fieldbus and display with 5 digits.

In a single and compact device a complete system for the control of axis being able to receive by bus a quota to reach and start with the positioning by a control type PID.

➤ The SERVO.M unit has a hollow shaft output to enable a simple installation and versatile use, even with pre-existent manual motion machines that have to be automatized.  It is suitable for a large number of applications in machinery within industries such as printing, packaging, woodworking, marble, plastic, etc. 

A simple linking and lay out are guaranteed by a supervisor (PC, PLC), the system interfaces with a fieldbus to control the positioning and enable the modifications of the control parameters (present count, speed, state).

The communication record can be MODBUS RTU, CANopen, PROFIBUS DP.

For the electric connection there are separate connections for the power-supply and communications cables:

• SERVO.2M has 2 presscables PG9 for the input and output of the connections

• SERVO.3M has 3 presscables for the input and output (2 PG9, 1 PG7).