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Level control cylindrical capacitance for solids and fluids

Capacitance sensors are widely used as min. and max. level controls for fluids, powders or granules, inside tanks and propper chutes. 

In some cases they are preferred for their building compactness and small dimensions that simplify mounting beside the possibility to be connected to programmable controllers.

  • Commutation state indicator led (materials: switched off N.O. start N.C.);

  • Working temperature -20° +70°C;

  • Adjustable distance intervention (sensibility);

  • Makrolon plastic parts and case nickeled brass metallic cases. Protection degree IP67.


SC30P: direct or alternating current;

SC30M: direct or alternating current;

SC40P: direct or alternating current;

SC40P-T: 20÷250Vac alternating current timed.