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The PR10, PR20 are potentiometric transducers that turn a rotating motion in a resistance variation: they are made of a precision rotating potentiometer that, through a suitable transmission system, receives the motion from a drive shaft.

The potentiometers are available with 1, 3, 5, or 10 revolutions with transmission ratios between the drive shaft and the potentiometers. The reducer is provided with a clutch for the protection of the potentiometer.

The use of these transducers makes necessary to know the number of revolutions that the drive shaft needs to develop the total stroke of the machine: the number of revolutions is given by the transmission ratio of the reducer (gear ratios or reduction) for the potentiometers turns.


• PR20- has a hollow shaft with Ø20 mm bore; PR10- has a Ø6 x 14mm shaft.

• PR20-I, -V have a built-in analogue interface with power supply 24Vdc: PR20-I with output 4-20mA; PR20-V with output 0-10 Vdc.

• PR20HALL is made of a mono-turn potentiometer with Hall effect (without contact) power supply 24Vdc, analogue output 0-10Vdc.

The combining with a display (V3P, V4P, VE6P, P3X) makes of this device an economical, simple and effective system for the measuring of shiftings on machines tool, automatic-, wood-marble-glass-working machinery, etc., with an accuracy not higher than ±0.1 mm.

Shock-proof, self-extinguishing case, solvent-, gasoline-, oil-, grease-proof.