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Linear Potentiometric Transducers


-PAK: aluminum case, mechanical anchor, dragging with shaft thread M6, strokes from 50 to 900 mm, connector 4 poles complying the DIN43650 norm (spherical joint M6 on request).

-PY2: aluminum case, mechanical anchor, feeler shaft with double bearings and recall spring, push rod with threaded stem M2,5 and an inox steel sphere, connector 5 poles complying the DIN43322 norm. Strokes from 25 to 100 mm.

-PS: aluminum case, anchor and self-aligned mechanical dragging on 2 spherical joints, max. motion angle to ±30°, strokes from 50 to 750 mm, connector 4 poles complying the DIN43650 norm.

-PSX: aluminum housing with stainless steel shaft, easy mounting by the means of back-lash free pivot heads with a large angle of free movement up to ±12.5°. Resolution 0.01mm and linearity up to ±0.05%. Heavy duty and compact dimensions with highest protection class IP67, makes this sensor suitable for use in environments with humidity, oil, dust, etc. This sensor is particularly recommended for mobile applications as in mechanical engineering, testing benches, etc.

-The combining with a display (for ex. V3P, V4P, VE6P), makes of this device an economical, simple and effective system for the measuring of shifting on machine tools, automatic-, wood-marble-glass working machinery, etc., with an accuracy not higher than ±0.1 mm