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Single-axis positioner


The P_X positioning units series are programmable microprocessor single-axis positioner with relay or analogue outputs that processes signals supplied by incremental transducers such as encoders, optical lines, and magnetic band.

The opportunity to create customized working programs makes them extremely versatile (cutting machines, bending machines, etc.). In order to optimize the accuracy of positioning there are the possibility to enter some parameters that are able to counterbalance system inertia, clearances, and wear of mechanical couplings. Positioning is managed through the Start/Stop, Onward/Backward, Slow/Quick, End of Positioning relay outputs. A voltage analogue output is also available that may be set up as -10 +10V or 0+10V as well as the 4÷20mA current output for the control of inverters or actuators. All of the positioner inputs Start, Emergency, Preset, Piece-counter, and counting inputs are opt isolated.

➤ Other features: automatic/semiautomatic, manual, absolute/line working mode, memorization of 99 positioning dimensions with the possibility of programming the number of pieces to be worked in sequence and the number of cycle repetitions; test function to check inputs and outputs; RS232 or RS485 MODBUS RTU serial connection.

• P1X: the 16-key keypad and 8 operation indicators make operating and setup of the positioners user-friendly.

• P2X: programming is done very easily by four keys on the front panel; an auxiliary display allows a two character-driven programming in addition to displaying parameters during processing.

• P3X: processes signals provided by potentiometric position transducers linear or rotary. The 16-key keyboard with 6 operation indicators make it simple and easy to use and the setup of the positioner.