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This is a 5-digit indicator to adjust and directly read a motion (or an angle) obtained by a drive shaft rotation. 

Perfectly interchangeable with indicator OP6 but shorter profile. The total height of indicator OP7 with spacer flange or block flange is the same of OP6.

The coupling of numbers with a rubber-joint allows, especially in high ratios, a greater flow-ability and maneuver speed.

Shock-proof self-extinguishing technopolymer case. Protection IP64. Max. temperature 80°C.

Reading with 18° inclined or frontal view.  Four views available. Lens to improve the reading: digit height 7 mm.

5 digits counter (standard red digit indicates decimals; on request 2 red digits for hundredths or 5 black digits) and a digit with hundredth divisions. Readings until 99999.

On request special ratios and measures in Inch.


 - shaft hole ø20 (OP7) or ø25 hole (OP7F25). Other holes smaller    than 20 with a reducing bushing. 

 - shaft hole ø3/4 inch, smaller ø5/8  inch with bushing

As option (c) security dowel Ø 10.5/12 mm.

Model IN with stainless steel metallic parts.

Colors: orange RAL 2004, black RAL 9005, red RAL 3000, grey RAL 7004.

Available attachments: shaft block flange, polycarbonate spacer flange, anodized aluminum movement knob.