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This is a 5-digit indicator to adjust and directly read a motion (or an angle) obtained by a drive shaft rotation.

-Shock-proof self-extinguishing technopolymer case. Protection IP64. Max. temperature 80°C

-Reading with 18° inclined or frontal view. 5 digits counter (standard red digit indicates decimals; on request 2 red digits for hundredths or 5 black digits). Readings until 99999. OP6T model: 4 digits with Vernier. Digit height: 6 mm.

-On request special ratios and measures in Inch.

-OP and OP6T standard shaft hole 20H7, models OP6F25and OP6TF25 with Ø 25 hole. Other holes smaller than 20 with a reducing bush.

-As option (c) security dowel Ø 10,5/12 mm.

-Model IN with inox metallic parts.

-Colors: orange RAL 2004, black RAL 9005, red RAL 3000, grey RAL 7004

-Available attachments: shaft block flange, polycarbonate spacer flange, anodized aluminum movement knob