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This is a digital indicator with two 5-digit counters to adjust and directly read a motion obtained by a drive shaft rotation.

Shock-proof, self-extinguishing technopolymer case. Protection IP54. Temperature max.: 70°C.

Reading with 62° inclination.

Two 5-digit counters (standard red digit indicates decimals; on request 2 red digits for hundredths or 5 black digits). Reading until 99999. Digit height: 5.5 mm.

Standard shaft hole: 20 H7. Smaller holes with a reducing bush.

Counters models: increase-increase(DX-DX), decrease-decrease (SX-SX), increase-decrease (DX: referred to the higher counter 1), decrease-increase (SX: referred to the higher counter 1).

OP10: 2 counters, on request OP10 with 1 zero-set AZZ, with 2 zero-set 2AZZ.

Colors: orange RAL 2004, black RAL 9005.