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Position Transducers MT, MTV,MTP, Magnetic Band P50/10, Magnetic Rings


-The transducers MT, MTV, MTP, the magnetic strip P50/10, the magnetic rings DM30 or DM50 are incremental systems without contact for linear or angular measures. The capacity to measure distances longer than a meter, easy assembling, absence of parts that contact/rub, a waterproof transducer and a water-oil-dust-shaving resistant strip make this system suitable for a large number of applications, while taking position measurements of machinery within industries such as: machine tools, automatic-, wood-, marble-, glass working machinery, etc.

-The measure transducer integrates in the same device, a sensor sensitive to a magnetic field, an electronic signals conversion circuit, and an output circuit. The sensor running on the magnetic strip or on magnetic ring produces a signal which, opportunely amplified and worked out, is changed into an incremental position signal for interfacing with displays, PLC, CNC, axes control, etc.

-Shock-proof, self-extinguishing technopolymer grey case for the models MT (horizontal mounting) and ---MTV (vertical mounting), aluminum case for the model MTP (horizontal mounting).

-Magnetic Band P50/10: the band consists of a magnetized plastic ferrite strip with alternate magnetic poles of 5 mm pitch, carried by a stainless steel strip-band. Mechanical protection of the plastic ferrite strip is supplied by a stainless steel band.

-Magnetic rings: DM30 consists of a magnetized ring Ø30,9 mm with 20 poles and 5 mm polar pitch, DM50 consists of a magnetized ring Ø48,7 mm with 30 poles and 5 mm polar pitch. They are supported by an aluminum ring.