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Absolute Position Transducer MAT and Absolute Magnetic Band PA50/20


-MAT is an absolute position transducer for linear measures without contact with a measure range up to 10 meters: it has to be combined with the absolute magnetic band PA50/20.

-Running on the band, the sensor produces a signal which, properly amplified and worked out, is changed into an absolute position signal.

-Transducer MAT: the measure transducer integrates in the same device a sensor sensible to magnetic fields, an electronic signals conversion circuit and an output stage. The most important feature is that this sensor always keeps the quota; it means that is possible to move the sensor also without power supply and without losing the quota. There are available two inputs to define the zero-setting and the direction.

-The data exchanging is made through protocol SSI with format Gray or Binary.

-Magnetic Band PA50/20: the band consists of a plastic-ferrite strip carried by a stainless steel band with two magnetic traces, one with alternate poles of 5 mm pitch, the other with a univocal binary.

-This system is suitable for a large number of applications within industry: guides and linear transmission members, pneumatic and oil-pressure cylinders, handling systems, automatic shearers, etc.: in any situations where is necessary an absolute, accurate and repeatable measure without contact and wear-proof.

-It can goes with display F1XA (reading range –99999, +999999) with interface SSI.