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IP50 IP80 IF50 IF80

Handwheel with position indicator

These are motion handwheels with a gravity or fixed reaction indicator included, to measure adjustments (angles, shiftings, speed, etc.) on a control dial with graduated circular scale.

The dials measure is given by the two pointers: the red pointer carries out a complete turn at every rotation of the drive shaft, and at the same time, the black pointer makes a rotation fraction. The turns that the black pointer needs to carry out to complete a rotation is the ratio of the indicator.

• Reinforced technopolymer handwheel, transparent polycarbonate cover. Protection IP65. Max. temperature 80°C.

• The gravity reaction handwheels IP50 and IP80 are suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined shafts.

• The fixed reaction handwheels IF50 and IF80 are mounted on shafts with any position.

• The lock pin for the fixed reaction is in zinc-plated steel ø3 mm or threaded M3 (on request).

• Hub with aluminum bushing with bored holes ø8 or ø10 mm, and transversal screw M5 for the fixing to the shaft.

• On request available with positioning knob: versions IP50A, IF50A, IP80A, IF80A.