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IM60 IM60-2 IM360

Inclinometers with analog output

They are transducers employed for the survey of listing angle, with reference to earth's axis.

These inclinometers employ a solid state sensor, vibrations and shock-resistant, without parts in motion.

• IM60-I with analogic output 4-20 mA
• IM60-V with analogic output 0-10 Vdc: measure ±60°
• IM360-I with analogic output 4-20 mA
• IM360-V with analogic output 0-10 Vdc: measure 0-360°
• IM60-I2 with two analogic outputs 4-20 mA
• IM60-V2 with two analogic outputs 0-10 Vdc: measures ±60°on two perpendicular axis.

These are accurate linear transducers, compact and easy to install. 

Their main applications are: the measure of inclination angle of cutting-blade, crane, level control of platform etc.