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I90 IN90 I90F IN90F

Indicators with gravity and fixed reaction, with counter


These indicators have to be fitted in motion handwheels to measure adjustments (angles, shiftings, speed, etc.) on a control dial, with a regulation screw on the cover front. They are assembled by pressing them directly into the handwheel seat.

Technopolymer or metal case. Transparent and shock-proof polycarbonate cover. Protection IP64. Max. temperature: 80°C.

I90-I90F: the dial measure is given by the two pointers: the red pointer carries out a complete turn at every rotation of the drive shaft, and at the same time, the black pointer makes a rotation fraction. The turns that the black pointer needs to carry out to complete a rotation is the ratio of the indicator.

IN90-IN90F with analogue-digital indication. The measures reading is ensured by a 5-digit counter (red digits to indicate decimals) and by a graduated control dial. The pointer carries out a complete turn at every rotation of the drive shaft and reads the decimal values.

The indicators I90 and IN90 are suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined shafts. Available with handwheels P125P, P150P, P175P, P200P.

The indicators I90F and IN90F are mounted on shafts with any position. Supplied with handwheels P125FP, P150FP, P175FP, P200FP.