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Shaft block flange OP2 - OP3 - OP6 - OP7 - OP5 - OP9

With the shaft block flange on the OP2, OP3, OP6, OP7, OP5, OP9 indicator as a compact unity, we obtain a safe blocking of the drive shaft. Block component in aluminum:

• bore diameter ø8, ø10 and ø12 for OP2

• bore diameter ø14 mm and ø10 mm for OP3

• bore ø20 mm and ø14 mm for OP6 and OP7

• bore ø25mm for OP6F25, OP7F25

• bore ø20mm for OP5

• bore ø20, ø25mm for OP9

Other holes with a reducing bush. Handle in position a or b. Available with stainless steel flange in model FL-B OP3, bore ø14.


Spacer flange OP2 - OP3 - OP6 - OP7

Flange in shock-proof technopolymer.