Mechanical Indicators

Hollow Shaft Position Indicators   These mechanical digital indicators are used for the direct reading of control shaft motions carried out by the means of a screw.



Angular Transmissions and the Flexible Shafts for the transmission of rotational motions are characterized by flexibility, a remarkable strength and an exceptional endurance.

Handhweels with indicators, fixed-reaction or gravity

Handwheels in reinforced polymer, from Ø50 to Ø200. Analogue indicators, and with 5-digits counter

Indicators with rotating shaft for panel installation or linear sliding rods indicators

This mechanical indicator digital sliding rod is used for the direct reading of the distance between locations.


Level controls, capacitance sensors, level transducers, propeller indicators, membrane level control, conductivity probes

Tachometers  and  transmissions  for tachometers

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Electronic Instruments
Direct reading, field programmable, no need to specify application specific parameters

Rotary Transducers, absolute and incremental

Encoder from 50 to 500 pulses/revolution.  Rotating potentiometer transducers with analogue output.  Hollow shaft.

Linear wire transducers, absolute and incremental

Strokes form 50 to 12000 mm. Version with analogue output.

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Axial Linear Transducers and Systems with Magnetic Bands



Complete systems to measure linear and angular movements

Displays, impulse counters, positioning units, programmable tachometers

Positioning units and servomotors

 Available with brushless or DC motor. Torques from 4 to 12 Nm.



Monitoring systems   Inclinometers and crack meters

Contact digital tachometer, digital phonometer, anemometer, thermometer