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The F7 is a display unit with integrated or external position sensor, in combination with the P50 magnetic band or AM magnetic ring, is a complete system to measure linear movements. It is possible to select: counting direction, number of decimal places, units (mm or inches), absolute/relative measurement, reset/preset. The electronics are protected by a plastic housing which is robust, shock-resistant, and self-extinguishing.


Two versions of the F7 are available:

  • F7-E with external sensor
  • F7-I with integrated sensor


The display can be fixed quickly and easily using the two threaded holes on the back of the housing or alternatively with the "SM" bracket support, the "SF" flanged support or the "SN" swivel support, which can be supplied optionally (see "Accessories"). 

The unit is powered by a ½AA 3.6V battery which lasts approximately 4 years and when the battery is almost exhausted, an icon will appear to advise the operator to substitute it. This does not effect the configuration parameters and also the correct measurement is maintained if the magnetic band or ring is not moved during this operation.