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F20-F18- EN20M-EFB

Display with magnetic transducer

F20K- and F18K- are dimensions display to be combined to the wire magnetic transducer EFB or hollow shaft magnetic transducer EN20M in order to carry out a complete device for measuring linear shifting characterized by an easy application by the means of the battery-supply, and by an easy installation of the wire transducer.

The dimension display may be carried out either in absolute or in incremental mode by simply pressing the suitable key; this relative measures within the measuring field may be carried out. 

It is possible to select the count direction, the position of the decimal point on the displayed dimension, and the measure unit (mm or inches, degrees). The displayed dimension may be corrected through a programmable factor with values ranging from 0,00001 and 999999.

It is possible to set a preset dimension that may be recalled through the suitable key.

There are also available distinct origins for the correction of quota by using different tools and the offset function for the balancing of tool wear.

The keys enabling to recall the preset dimension and the absolute dimension/relative dimension switch may be inhibited in a very simple way.

The set data are stored in the inner memory and they cannot be lost.

The most important characteristic is the keeping of the displayed quota in absolute mode functioning all through battery life.

On the display all activated functions are showed by a symbol.

Available versions:

• F20K with “K” coupling for transducer and with internal power supply (4 batteries type AA of 1.5V: two-year-life).

• F18K with “K” coupling for transducer and with internal power supply (2 batteries type AA of 1.5V: one-year-life). The run-down of battery is indicated with occasional blinking, 1 month before the complete flat the indication remains on; changing of battery is carried out in very easy way and without losing quota, by standing machine.

• F20KR, F18KR with “K” coupling for transducer and with external power supply 10-25Vdc and internal rechargeable battery (functioning for 5 months without power supply).

• F18KR-RS K with “K” coupling for transducer and serial output RS485 protocol MODBUS RTU for communication with remote units.