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The EP7 electronic indicator, which is supplied with an internal battery and includes in the same case the position sensor and the display unit, measures linear or angular movements; it is compact, easy to install, and applicable to many types of industrial machinery (packaging, woodworking, aluminum, coil etc).

The display has 5 digits and sign with range from -99999 to 99999 and the 7,5mm-high-digits allow excellent readability also from a distance. With the 3 front buttons it is possible to program:


• the value shown on the display for every turn of the hollow shaft

• measurement direction

• reference reset/preset

• absolute/relative reference

• mm/inches conversion and display in degrees.


There are also 3 distinct origins for the correction of the reference when using different tools and the offset function for the compensation of tool wear. On the display all activated functions are shown by a symbol.

The electronic section is protected inside an elegant and robust case made of self-extinguishing and shock-proof plastic material. 

The drive shaft is made of stainless steel. Standard shaft hole 14mm, 20mm and 3/4 inch.

The power supply is internal with a ½ AA 3,6V battery which has a four-year-life. The low battery level icon is shown when it is necessary to replace the battery, which is very easy and the reference is maintained when the shaft remains stationary.