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The electronic indicator EP25L, supplied with internal battery, includes in the same case a position sensor and a display unit, setting up a device for measuring linear or angular shiftings: compact, easy assembling and applicable in several type of industry (packaging, woodworking, aluminum, coil etc.)

It is characterized by a side hollow shaft that allows handlings and visualizations, even in uncomfortable positions.

The display has 6 digits besides a sign with range from -999999 to 999999 and the 10mm-high-digits allow a very good readability also by distances.


With the 3 frontal keys is possible to program the value on the display for every turn of the hollow shaft and start the reset/preset functions of quota, absolute/relative quota, conversion mm/inches and reading range in degrees.


There are also available 3 distinct origins for the correction of quota by using different tools and the offset function for the balancing of tool wear.


On the display all activated functions are showed by a symbol.


The electronic part is seated inside an elegant and strong case made of self-extinguishing and shock-proof plastic material.

The drive shaft, made in blued steel, turns on precision ball bearings.

The power supply is internal with 2 batteries, type AA of 1.5V: one-year-life.


The low battery is indicated with occasional blinking, 1 month before the complete flat the indication remains on; the battery is changed, in very easy way and without data lost or location of shaft.