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Programmable electronic indicator for the measurement of linear or rotary movements on various types of industrial equipment (packaging, woodworking, metalworking, etc.). The display has 5 digits which are 7.5mm high plus negative sign, which can easily be read also at a distance. With the 3 buttons on the front it is possible to program: any ratio, measurement direction (CW or CCW), mm/inch/degree, activate the reset/preset functions absolute/relative measurement. 

The power is supplied by a ½AA 3.6V battery which lasts approximately 4 years. Replacing of the battery, which is indicated by an icon when necessary, is carried out easily and without loss of the parameters. The instrument and buttons are protected by transparent covers. 

Available versions:

  • EN90 is a gravity indicator suitable for installation on horizontal shafts. Can be supplied with handwheel models P125P, P150P, P175P, P200P or the P100L starwheel. 
  • EN90F is a fixed-reaction indicator suitable for mounting on vertical or inclined shafts. Can be supplied with handwheel models P125PF, P150PF, P175PF, P200PF or the P100L starwheel.