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Conductivity level controls for liquids


The CL1001 and CL1002 instruments are electrical conductivity level controls whose working is founded on measuring the resistance between two or more electrodes dip into fluids under control. 

Liquid between a reference electrode and one or more level electrodes causes the output relay to switchover.

Typical employed as level controls in tanks, boilers, deep wells and other containers, as alarm devices to detect flooding, presence or absence of water, and ice accumulation control.

It is possible to delay the relays devices for 5 seconds so that the turbulence of fluids does not cause unwanted switching (mod. CL1001-R5).

This instrument is built into a plastic case with an un-decal connection.

Depending on the employment, various types of probes are available.



• CL 1001.1 - CL 1002.1 with power supply 110/220 Vac

• CL 1001.2 - CL 1002.2 with power supply 24 Vac