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AP90 - AP90N - APFL

Position indicator for panel installation


These are mechanical indicators for panel installation used to read measures, angles, shifting, etc.

AP90: analogue indication of the measure on a circular graduated scale. At every turn of the drive shaft the pointer makes a rotation fraction. 

The turns that the pointer needs to carry out to complete a rotation is the ratio of the indicator.

APFL, AP90N: with analogue-digital indication. The measures reading is ensured by a4-digit counter APFL or 5-digit counter AP90N (red digits to indicate decimals) and by a graduated control dial. 

The pointer carries out a complete turn at every rotation of the drive shaft and reads the decimal values.

Polycarbonate self-extinguishing case.  Protection  IP54. Max.temperature 80°C.

Back drive shaft for direct connection or with flexible shaft.

The installation on the panel for AP90 and AP90N is carried out with 2 threaded inserts M4x10 fitted on the back of the instrument and with a flange for the APFL.